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In meetings with Israeli or foreign entities miscommunication may occur and constraints may exist that hinder the ability of either one or both parties to understand the other. Gaps between what is said and what is understood are harmful for businesses and may create embarrassment and uncertainty about intentions, plans and agreements.

Professional interpreters are employed to overcome the language barrier.

Interpreting is translation of speech, either in real-time (simultaneous) or during pauses (consecutive). Interpreters must have in-depth knowledge of both the source and target languages, as well as the topic of discussion.

AllText commissions interpreters with extensive professional experience and a proven record of working in a variety of relevant areas: financial, technical, medical, legal, etc. Our customers include entities in Israel and abroad, who speak numerous languages, from varied cultures and with different customs.

To every project we match an experienced interpreter who is not only fully proficient in the source and target languages, but also knowledgeable about the topic.

Our rigorous interpreter screening and selection process ensures professional, quality and accurate interpreting.

When are simultaneous interpreting services required? For example at conferences with participants speaking different languages – the speakers lecture in their mother-tongue and their lecture or speech is translated simultaneously for the audience. Thus each participant listens to the lecture or speech in his or her language through earphones.

AllText interpreters provide simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services in different languages to government ministries and the courts, for lectures and business meetings of both private and public companies.

AllText interpreters are all bi-lingual and bi-cultural from fields such as academia, law and economics, in Israel and abroad. Their in-depth knowledge and understanding of language and culture enables them to provide the best service to the satisfaction of all parties.

For a price offer and details contact us.

AllText is proud to be the official supplier of translation services in multiple languages to all government ministries in Israel.

We will be glad to offer our advanced services and to provide further information at any time.

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