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Businesses today are not only measured by the quality of their product but also by the quality of their accompanying service. In the digital age, when work never stops, service must also include availability. Businesses that do not offer a quick response time and an efficient solution to problems hinder their ability to compete.

Businesses can lease an office and employ a skilled team to represent the business and work with existing and potential customers. However, this may have far-reaching financial ramifications that may endanger the viability of the business.

AllText offers several human response services:

§ Telephone translation services: customers can contact our call center that operates 24/7/365 from any location in the world and speak to an available interpreter withinn minutes.

AllText telephone interpreters are professional and fully cognizant of the importance of confidentiality.

Phone calls are received by a customer service representative who transfers the call to the interpreter proficient in the required language. The service is personalized for each customer to ensure the best high quality service.

§ 24 hour call center: AllText’s call center operates 24 hours a day, providing service after official business hours or as backup when the business is unable to answer alll incoming calls due to overload.

Calls are handled by call center service representatives without delay. This conveys that the business values its current and potential customers and their time and is willing to invest in order to obtain or retain their business.

We provide a unique conversation script to each of our customers, adapted to the

pre-defined needs, preferences and requirements of the business. AllText call centerr service representatives specialize in handling customers, and in light of the dynamic and rapidly changing nature of the business world, are also skilled in responding quickly to changing business needs.

Our call center representatives provide additional services, including: collecting payment from customers, scheduling meetings and taking messages.

Utilizing a human call center can be an excellent business decision with significant expense savings. It frees business owners and their employees to focus on the needs of the business: starting or managing a business and handling ongoing tasks – in other words: concentrating on what they do best.

AllText is proud to be the official supplier of translation services in multiple languages to all government ministries in Israel.

We will be glad to offer our advanced services and to provide further information at any time.

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