Tender Writing Consultancy Services

Tender Writing Consultancy Services

Tenders are an effective tool used by businesses to procure complex and/or expensive products and services. A request for tender (RFT) is in effect a request to receive detailed offers from suppliers and contractors, when the format and the competition between the contenders promise to yield attractive bids, both professionally and financially.

Tenders are the first stage in the product or service procurement process and are intended to ensure an objective and substantive decision, without favoritism. The extensive details bidders must provide reduce the risk of erroneous decisions based on partial information or superficial impressions.

Requests for tenders expand the opportunities and maximize the options of both requestors and bidders. A tender is a complex process, and therefore many companies and organizations lack the necessary knowledge about important nuances as well as details that must or should be included in the RFT documents, as well as their recommended wording.

Tenders are comprised of three main parts:

  • Financial
  • Technical
  • Legal

AllText’s tender experts have the experience needed to consult on writing requests for tenders in all areas, and the practical skills regarding all tender stages, from the planning through writing and publication to handling the tender offers.

AllText specializes in consulting to organizations, government entities and businesses in preparing requests for tenders that will clearly convey the issuer’s needs and expectations so that only appropriate bids are submitted. Formulation and wording are critical in order to maintain the requestor’s interests in the short and long-term.

With AllText’s tender consultancy services, requests for tenders will lead to the best results for your organization. Our professionals will help you avoid formulation mistakes that could result in erroneous decisions with far-reaching economic and even personal consequences for those responsible for the request for tender.

Therefore, compromise should not be an option in this matter. It is critical to commission the services of top-tier professionals who will not only ensure that the request for tender will achieve its goals, but that it even exceeds them.

AllText is proud to be the official supplier of translation services in multiple languages to all government ministries in Israel.

We will be glad to offer our advanced services and to provide further information at any time.

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