Recording, Transcription and Typing

Even thousands of years ago humans understood that words have meaning, impact and implications – economic, organizational, legal, academic and more. However, when these words are not documented, they are fleeting and short-lived, and do not leave a mark.

It is therefore important to document and preserve what is said in:

· Lectures

· Legal proceedings

· Protocols

· Management and board meetings

· Arbitrations

· Conferences

· Investigations

· Interviews

The documentation is used to complete tasks, carry out decisions, draw conclusions, shed light on the truth and monitor decision implementation.

There are several documentation methods, each suited for the type of material and its future use. AllText provides an array of supplementary services, offering its customers a comprehensive one-stop solution to meet their diverse needs. Our supplementary services include:

Recording services: recordings are conducted in a variety of official forums such as court proceedings, board meetings, conferences, arbitrations and lectures. For this purpose, AllText employs a professional technical team equipped with advanced sound equipment, professional mixers and microphones suited for each specific event.

Our technical team also specializes in noise filtration and voice amplification in the recordings, as well as disc duplication and file conversion from and to any format – all in order to provide the clients with all the needed media measures for an accessible and accurate documentation of the recorded materials.

Transcription services: AllText provides high quality transcription services in a variety of languages of any type of recording: court hearings, arbitration meetings, board meetings, covert recordings and investigations, interviews, lectures and conferences.

Simultaneous transcription: real-time transcription on to a large screen for the hearing impaired in the audience.

Typing services: we invest maximum effort to ensure accurate typing of legal material, brochures, books and student papers. Our typists are highly experienced, with a proven track record.

Do not put off documentation of important material, and do not compromise on quality. AllText has proven success and years of experience working with leading companies and large institutions.

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AllText is proud to be the official supplier of translation services in multiple languages to all government ministries in Israel.

We will be glad to offer our advanced services and to provide further information at any time.

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